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  • Elliptical Raceway Slewing Ring
  • Elliptical Raceway Slewing Ring Adjusting the levelness of the slewing bearing is critical to minimize tilting moment loads, most notably, when the slewing ring is to be installed on a ladder truck. This self-leveling slewing bearing comes with a leveling instrument that facilitates the adjustment of levelness.
  • Single Row Ball Slewing Ring
  • Single Row Ball Slewing RingThe single row four point contact ball slewing ring consists of two rings. It has tightened mechanical structure and low weight. Its rolling element is a row of steel balls which connect the elliptic raceway with four points. Therefore, our single row ball slewing ring can bear axial, radial and turnover moment simultaneously...
  • Double Row Eight Point Contact Ball Slewing Ring
  • Double Row Eight Point Contact Ball Slewing RingThe double row eight point contact ball slewing ring is make up of dual rows of the same sized steel balls and each of the balls is segregated from another one by a spacer. The spacer fixed on the raceway not only can separate the adjacent balls, but also used as a holder of the balls. The internal and external rings are one integral whole and the balls...
  • Three Row Roller Slewing Ring
  • Three Row Roller Slewing RingThe three row roller slewing ring is made up of three rings. The upward, downward and radial rollers are separated from each other. Which can determine the load of each row of rollers exactly, the upper row and under row of rollers are arranged evenly in order to bear the axial force from two directions and turnover moment perfectly. The radial force left is offset by the third row of rollers...
  • Cross Roller Slewing Ring
  • Cross Roller Slewing RingThe cross section of the raceway is linear type. The roller of the slewing ring is column type and each two adjacent rollers are cross arranging. Therefore, half of the rollers bear the upward axial force and the rest bear the down forward force. The column type roller features linear contact with raceway and little fraction coefficient...